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Nearly half of the world’s population resides in cities today, and we expect by 2050 that percentage to be anywhere between a staggering 70-90%. Municipalities, towns, and cities across the world started using IoT, Big Data, and AI to maximise benefit for their citizens. “Smart City” projects in recent times has evolved to be a technology aided urban service delivery platform to maximise citizen engagement in order to provide “better governance and economic growth”. From Power Grids to Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure- everything started getting connected as the 3rd wave of digital growth gets unleashed. 

Read this report to know more on:

  What Smart Cities are all about?
  Which are the Smart Cities?
  Why do we need to invest in Smart Cities?
  Who are the enablers of building Smart Cities?
  How to ensure a successful Smart City rollout?

Download the paper to get a complete know-how of the Smart City 2017. We would encourage you to reach out to mobileLIVE’s team to help assess your cities goals, quantify where the city is, create a framework to evolve, grow and strategize on how to bridge the gap.

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