Hyperconnectivity is growing at an unprecedented pace and there is a global urgency in embracing digital business.

  • 58% of CEO’s rank growth as their No. 1 priority followed with IT-related priorities
  • 56% of CEO’s say digital investments improved their net profits
  • 47% of CEO’s are experiencing pressure from their board of directors to make digital progress
  • 42% say “digital-first” or “digital to the core” is now their company’s digital business posture.[*]

Growth in this highly competitive digital economy must be led with a clear vision, in a collaborative culture of highly motivated departments, fueled with disruptive innovations in both business models and offerings. Ultimately, all efforts narrowing down into two strategic streams: Customer Value and Operational Agility.

In this paper, we share:

  The growing importance of end-to-end customer experience
  How customers are driving digital transformation initiatives
  What are key business challenges
  How can they be addressed to achieve growth

[*] A Gartner Study.

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